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pupil premium funding for Year R


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Hi Mary

The criteria is the same as was used to determine eligibility for free school meals (prior to that being all children up to aged 7)

This can be found


In addition, criteria includes looked after children, adopted children, for which schools get more, and services children for which schools get less. This is not necessarily going to be the same for the EYPP, as we haven't had the results of the consultation yet.


Further detail about the amount for the coming year is here


Hope that helps

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Thanks for all your help. We are making this as clear as we can to all our parents so they don't miss out on the other bits and bobs that will be coming - help with uniform, subsidised after-school clubs and specifically tailored enrichment in my school and free milk in all schools I think. Also just a bit anxious that the budget will be affected if they don't apply!

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