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Next steps for my under 2s


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We use next steps for under two's in the same way as other age groups. We observe the child, look to see where he/she is developmentally then think about what they could move on to next / what motivates them / how we can support their development.

So a next step might be developing fine motor skills by providing small items to pick up and transfer for a child who is developing a pincer grip.

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Under 2's is a very large developmental area!


I think gross motor, physical development is a key area. Observe child crawling, walking, running, throwing, kicking, climbing etc.

Next step could be to improve shoulder and arm strength by throwing balls, playing on slide and climbing frame etc.


Encouraging Speech by sharing books, singing songs and nursery rhymes.

Repeating back any unclear speech.

Extending child's vocabulary. Child "Dog" Adult "Big Dog"


I hope that helps.

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Thanks people yes all info has helped

It's pretty much what I thought and know

just some children I struggle with as so young and could pick from a couple of options if u know what I mean

Thanks guys ??

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would you include next steps for the specifc areas for 1-2yrs or only focus on the prime areas? i have seen a next step for a child who just turned two to be "recognise the letter M through adult mark making"...which is literacy, this was based on the observation of the child singing the alphabet

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