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Memory stick not recognised


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I have a secure memory stick which has suddenly stopped working. It was absolutely fine a week ago but now when I put it into a computer (I've tried several different ones) it gives me a message about installing drive software then an icon for 'Removable drive D' appears but if I try to open or explore it I get asked to insert something into drive D.


It has all my confidential info on - IEPs, data, end of year reports etc and I can't get to them. Paper copies of the summary data are at school as are electronic versions of IEPs and reports but the detail of who I gave which point to (old profile) won't be there.


So, not the end of the world if I can't open it but does anyone have any idea whether it will be possible? If so, any suggestions of how I might go about it?

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I had this happen once. I took the stick out of one laptop- walked into another room to use other devise with printer and everything on the stick had disappeared :-(


Luckily I have a 'geek' friend and he was easily able to transfer all info onto a disk for me. If you're techno minded I think you can download programme to this yourself.


I'm pretty sure pc world and the likes do offer this service- but if it were me I wouldn't use them, especially if you've got sensitive info.

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