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Registered person and maternity leave


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Hi all, after a bit of advice...

I am the current manager and registered person with Ofsted for the out of school club I run.

I am due to go on maternity leave in a couple of weeks time and my current deputy will be stepping up and taking the manager role whilst I am on maternity leave.

Having phoned Ofsted they have told me we have 2 options:

-firstly we could change the registered person from me to the deputy and then back again when I return.

-secondly we could leave me as the registered person but write to Ofsted and register my deputy as the manager.

obviously the first option is more complicated and will involve more form filing, and possibly and inspection because of change of registered person.

However I am slightly concerned that I remain responsible for what happens in the setting without even being there if we go with option 2.

Has anyone been through this and do you have any advice?

The other thing is im not going to be off for very long, max 4 months, so the first option seems like a lot of work for such as short period of time, then we have to change it all again when I get back!

Thanks is advance


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As the registered person of my setting, I think I would get my name taken off if I was going to be off for any length of time. You really don't want to be held responsible for something when you weren't even there.

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