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What did Ofsted ask to see at youe recent inspection?


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We've had some staff go on training recently and returned asking what Ofsted can look at or what they may ask to see?

It has been 4.5 yrs since our last inspection and just wondered what recent ones have entailed?

Many thanks in advance :rolleyes:

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We are a school nursery, done 3 weeks ago. Didn't look at the data but a lot of emphasis on our own self evaluation and knowing the children well, who wasn't making good progress, what were we doing about it, how did we know that was effective. She did an in depth look at an EAL child, SEN child and a two year old. Asked lots of questions about those children, tell me about Bob etc... when did he start, what was he like then, what progress has he made, what are his next steps etc.

How did we use info from home visits, how did we monitor quality, policy folder, how do we gather childrens and parents views and what action have we taken as a result. Numbers and letters in indoor and outdoor environment. Children's voice.

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We had one just over a week ago we are a preschool much the same stuff as Edlee looked at our obs/planning/next steps process especially as regards our 2yr olds meeting their needs etc.. Usual documents to ensure legal requirements including supervisions transition procedures looked at some of this documentation. Looked at all documentation on 2 children a funded 2yr old and our oldest child who has behaviour problems and a quick glance through 2 others. Ensure you have dated and signed any policy/risk assessments I left one risk assessment revue of equipment unsigned spotted it straight away but could see that everything else had been done so was ok about it.

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If you read the documents linked to inspection on the Ofsted website you will get a very good idea of what they would be likely to ask for. Some of it will depend on the inspection lines of enquiry that develop in their planning or during the inspection.


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We had ours this week. They asked to see a list of all staff qualifications and DBS disclosures (handy to have that prepared beforehand). Then they asked to see the policy folder (checked in particular safeguarding and behaviour management). In the classrooms she wanted to see the planning and specific children's folders showing their next steps and the progress they have made.

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