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Guest lillybeth

I am the manager of a small setting on domestic premises.we got OUTSTANDING in February on our first inspection. It could be fraught at times as we were operating in the proprietors house, not much privacy for her, However despite ups and downs and sometimes in fact a lot of the time it was difficult to be the manager, we were making it work the children were happy. On Wednesday I went to work and left about 1.45 at 5.45 I had a voice mail from the owner to say don't come into work tomorrow as I am closing as of midnight tonight. I was in total shock parents, were left completely in the lurch most parents are working . There was no explanation 3 sets of parents went to see her on the evening she would not let them take their children's belongings ( I only know this because one of the was my daughter in Law) she said she had a duty of care to close. Ofsted were contacted the next day they new nothing of the closure they did not close the setting down.

Parents have not been refunded fees, staff don't know if they are going to be paid . I feel so sad for the children who have got to settle very quickly into a new setting, my granddaughter only had about 3 weeks left.

Sorry for the rant I am in shock and just needed to rant x

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Oh crumbs. The owner has obviously got a reason for this decision. As a manager I think I would be asking for an urgent meeting to discuss this.

As for her comment " duty of care" is there something you don't know.

I do hope you get this resolved as quickly as possible and the children can return to your provision.:)

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we have had this happen in our borough in a private day care nursery (in this case it was to do with finance) contact your Lea tell them all you know , they may have the right of access (with police permission) to remove all the childrens belongings and their paperwork. I am assuming the setting has been open for less than two years ..so as employees your rights would be limited but of course she is not allowed to retain any of your belongings. Can you arrange emergency care anywhere else for the children until the end of the year? perhaps speak to ofsted and ask them if there is anything else you can do? (they can be surprisingly helpful in a crisis!) you could operate from a church hall or similar as long as you are doing less than 2.5 hours per day....but ofsted would have to agree to anything else of course.

good luck

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