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I did visit a playgroup setting that had Learning Journey's for each of the staff members too

I can remember at the time thinking whatever next ;) but they did get Outstanding at their last inspection which was about 3 months ago, so......


With the same staff all mature & qualified, I find it all just too much :ph34r: I do supervisions, appraisals, keep on top of mandatory training plus any other free training that comes our way - how many more hoops have we got to jump through?

Sorry bit of a rant there!

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we started staff journals - and stopped not long after!


It was something they asked for at the time so I gave them ownership - they promptly decided it was just too much


we do a training matrix too - would like to keep with the staff journals in an ideal world because I think it's great to look back on our own progress - we spend far too much time beating ourselves up about what we haven't got done it's nice to see what we have got done (which is usually lots but feels like zilch!) and where we were at a certain time - sigh

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