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Hello all


l interviewed a lovely lady, she has not worked for 19 years due to raising her own children. She has the above qualification, is it a level 2, she qualified in 1999. The problem now is to apply for a level 2/3 she has to pay because she is over 21. She also last worked in a nursery 19 years ago just for 2 months. l really want to give her the opportunity, but not sure of the qualification,as to whether it is recognised.

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Sorry I am getting on a bit. I think it was the national association of maternal and children's something or other. Also sorry because I am not sure if it is on the considered qualified list or not. It was quite well thought of in it's day.

But I do suspect that it is not full and relevant and your poor lady may have to start all over again. There are agencies touting free training for the over 25's when I get back to the office I will check who and how.


Watch this space......

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