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My management have asked as we have a few new staff if I could do a mock inspection. Has anyone done one before or could give me any help formulating what to do or have a pro forma.


It would be a way of looking at quality of practice and provision at the same time.


Ever hopeful


Skippy :-)

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We paid for an independent advisor to do one at our place. I had already met her in different situations i.e. training days but she turned up on this morning as any inspector would and treated us all day like they would. I do think she was probably a little harsher than the real deal but it really gave us the heads up to see what we had to tackle before the real thing.

The real thing happened about 6 months later and we got a 'good' :D

It wasn't cheap but I would say it was worth it.

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I would say use the evaluation schedule too. Maybe worth looking at reports on Ofsted website to see why settings have not made a Good or Outstanding grade, that's what we do. We use the schedule as our SEF support too

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Yes using the evaluation schedule is the best way of checking where everyone is at!

We recently had an advisor visit who has just given up being an inspector. She said this was the best way to check we were on track.

The most useful piece of advise she gave us was that an inspector will probably pick a child who has SEN or EAL (in fact she looked at our SEN audit and used an example of a child with health needs) and then track this child throughout the setting, through their planning, profile, tracker ,keyworker etc.

it was useful for us to take a look at our practices and check that we too could each track our keychildren effectively.

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Thank you for your replies, can I ask if when you use the evaluation schedule you just use the descriptors for good, outstanding etc.?

I suppose what I'm asking is if you have template you use and could share. There is so much in the schedule I just do not want to miss or overthink anything. Thanks

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