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I have been asked by the head of room in my baby room to receive some ideas from the following statements and learning outcomes:


1. "Notices changes in groups of up to 3" (birth-11 months)

2. "Develops an awareness of number names through enjoyment of action rhymes and songs that relate to their experience of number" (8-20 months)


Thank you


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That first statement I always find strange and to me it doesn't make a lot of sense. There isn't any guidance in the eyfs that I can see either! An example I put is if they have say 2 bricks and you cover 1 up with a stacking cup when they're not looking and they then find it they must know one is 'missing'. Or if they are playing with cars/balls and you push one across the floor and they look to where it's going and back to what they have then again they must be noticing?? When they can't verbalise it's very subjective as you're just guessing what they're thinking!!!


For the next one things like ring a roses, jumping up after '3' - they soon get that you say '1,2,3' and they go after '3' even if they don't join in with the counting. Or they may join in with number names too. Or couting as they go down steps if you have any or when building towers, often making a sound for each step/ brick even if it's not a number - not songs but that's an awareness of number names!


Hope that helps!

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