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Submitting accounts to the Charities Commission


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hi all, although I am an after school club this is relevant to any settings that run as charities!

As the manager of my setting I do the main bulk of the book keeping-recording sessions, income, expenditure, petty cash etc. We have always had an accountant that reconciled this and number crunched to give us our year end accounts as well as summaries of the accounts throughout the year.

We then had a qualified accountant (one of our parents) to 'review' the accounts before we submitted them to the charities commission.

We now have a different accountant and are wondering whether we need this 2nd person to 'review' the accounts or whether our general accountant is independent enough!

I have phoned the charities commission and their response was not very clear.

So I just wondered how other groups managed year end accounts?



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Hi we are a registered charity Pre-school. We have a named treasurer along with our administrator that reconcile our accounts on sage. We also employ a company to pay wages Ni, tax etc.

We then have our accounts audited by the independant accountant within this same company.

These are then submitted to the charity commission alongside our TAR report.:)

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