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We are struggling to come up with ideas for our sand / water tray that will interest children..

We have a tray with either sand or water (we have one or the other, not both at the same time) and shelves next to it with all the usual continuous provision things - pots, scoops, jugs, funnels, utensils, sieves etc. etc. We sometimes add small world resources.

We find that unless there is an adult present, children revert to really low-level, tipping and pouring type play or put everything in the tray!

We are looking for ideas for sand and water in the true (ABC Does!) sense of continuous provision i.e. continuing the provision for learning in the absence of an adult.

Does anyone have any ideas for sand and water for three -year-olds and lots of four-year-olds to use independently?


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We have lots of different sized pipettes in our water tray as well as all the stuff you've mentioned they love this and is good for fine motor and all sorts of scientific facts! Sometimes we will limit their resources and have a few of each thing to discourage the chucking it all in approach!! We also have grain instead of sand with tipper trucks, diggers, dinosaurs etc and they engage really well with this introducing all kinds of storylines into their play!x

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