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Reception/ Y1 or......


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I really need some opinions on which is preferable and why:

  • Reception/Y1 class
  • Nursery/ Reception class

With either scenario there would also have to be a Reception only class.

Trying to build an argument for N/R but need views either way!

Also, do nursery staff feel there is a difference in what is done/ achieved in morning or afternoon sessions, despite following the same curriculum/ planning?


Thank you!!

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Guest tinkerbell

I work in a small village school that has no nursery so this may be of no use.We have always had a R/Yr1 class and a yr1/yr2 class in the 20+years I have worked here. Class1 20 children (15 r 5 yr1) class 2 (10 yr1 and 15 yr2). We have a 15 cohort intake which makes for 30 children in the two ks2 classess.

it has worked well in many ways eg the year1 children already know the 'ropes' and are good role models for the new reception, the year1 still get a good play based curriculum and access to outdoor provision.... Downside there are always one or two parents who need persuasion as to why their child is staying in class 1 they see it as keeping the children down! We do have some parents who actually ask that their child has another year in class 1! I do select the 5 very carefully , it is not the youngest I go for those who need to build up their confidence , those who may need more play based activities.... Actually I would like to keep them all!

Anyway this year the head teacher has decided that we will try having just reception as a class and the year1 will all go into class 2 and she has found the money or way to get a TA into class 2 in the afternoon so there will be 30 children with a full time TA in there.i will also have 15 and a full time TA.One of the reasons for this is the new National curriculum ... It will be so much easier for me not to have to plan for the year1 and concentrate on delivering the eyfs and good outside provision.... To get through all the year1 work that the year1 are doing in class 2 my year 1 do have to sit them down and write in books for a decent amount of time and it takes myself or TA to get them in tune.I am also delivering two lots of phonics sessions one for the Reception and one for the ' weaker' year1 from both classes... I do the year1 one when the reception are all outside at playtime... It can be mad at times!

My friend who works in a small school tried just Reception and she found it not as stimulating as when she had a mixed class of r/year1 the year 1 do bring the reception children on(so to speak) so too do the year 2 bring the year 1 on in class 2 so it's a catch 22 situation!

I don' t know if this has been any help whatsoever ... I would go down the EYFS route as a strong argument to keep n/r together.... Trying to get your head round a new national curriculum and delivery in a r/ yr1 class will not be beneficial to the yr1/r children

Good luck


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a dilemma for the nursery reception mix is that the nursery children can be sessional so you need to repeat things for the different groups, whilst moving learning on for the YrR across the day.

YrR/Yr1 it's more the complexities of planning for 2 different curricula.


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Tinkerbell and Catma both have good points to raise and things Im sure you are aware of anyway.

I dont have anything to add or any experience, except that in a school I worked in the parents were very against the yr1/2 mixed classes that we tried at one stage when numbers dropped.

So, it may be that you will need to look at the cohorts and work an arrangement that best suits them and your school and be prepared for parental concerns and unease.

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