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Health Visitors 2 year check


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One of our parents arrived today very concerned following her child's 2 year check with the Health Visitor. During the check the HV asked her child (just turned 2 last week) to 'draw a triangle'. He made some marks with the pencil and paper she had given him, and she then commented that he had 'just scribbled'. I am glad the mum had the sense to ask us if this was right - we were able to reassure her that it is not appropriate for a child this age - in fact that naming a triangle is a goal for 5 years old .

However I find it extraordinary to ask this of a 2 year old and so would now love to know exactly what the check asks for. Does anyone have any knowledge to help me?

I will have to speak to the HV about her wrong message about the importance of early mark making as I work with her on other matters but I will also need to speak to her about the 'triangle' question. I will have to be very tactful, but I can't ignore this.;


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I know our health visitor sends out a checklist type thing incase parents don't want to take them for two year old check, I can't exactly remember the points on it but they are realistic! Things like walking well, can pick up things, feed themselves etc. Not sure if this is just her thing she does though?

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My youngest child had a check- and as a parent its rather strange- lots of are they holding a pencil/writing tool-

what kind of grip are they using?

Can they make a tower of bricks?

Can they use 4 or more words to communicate?

Can they drink from a cup or beaker?

Can they feed themselves with fingers or cutlery?

Then lots of leaflets about potty training ( DD is dry and has been for ages) tantrums, and healthy diet

A strange mix - they took my word - guessed height and weight as DD was totally not going to do that for anything!

My son was checked quite a few years ago and they actually made him do things like build a tower etc ...

Think it depends on who you have!

Apparently our visit was satisfactory according to the comment in the red book

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Oh dear, talk about giving all the wrong messages to parents - I have awful visions of parents trying to "force" their children to draw triangles at home! As you said, this is completely inappropriate. I've attached Chapter 4 from the Child Health (Red Book) and on the 5th page there is a developmental chart which clearly states that children aged 2 - 3 should be scribbling. I hope this helps.


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Thank you so much for this. Both your experience as a mother Ninabeana and the chapter from the red book are really useful and should help when I speak to the HV concerned. I feel better informed, which always makes it easier to have confidence for this type of conversation.

Mumm - I am sure you haven't missed anything, and all I can think it that whoever put this information together has not yet realised there is no longer a separate Birth to 3 document! What other explanation can there be?

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