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Next week we will be doing a mini topic on eggs.

I'm looking for some ideas for continuous provision,I know everything doesn't need to be linked but I wondered if anyone had any suggestions please?



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Have you seen the plastic eggs in pound land? You get about 12 in a pack and you can open them up.

The list is endless regarding what you can do with these but here are a few ideas

1. Hide them in the environment and go on an egg hunt

2. Place objects inside for counting and matching (chicks and rabbits available at pound land which fit inside the the eggs) if you dos something like this you could sort and match, use them for addition and subtraction problems etc

3. The eggs come in plain colours of patterned - you could mix the two halves up and ask the children o find the matching pair

4. Using goggle eyes and pipe cleaners you could turn your eggs into aliens/monsters etc

5. Put magnetic numbers inside and see if they can match/order them

I used them as part of a maths observation last week - I hid the chicks and rabbits inside them and they had to race against the sand timer (30 second one) to see how many they could open before the time ran out. They then had to sort their finds into sets and say if what they had more or less of. They the combined the sets to find the total -some even recorded using tally marks.

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