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Dee's Sick Note!

Sue R

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Hmm. I've just read Dee's latest offering and it brought back, in vivid technicolour, and full sense revisit, an incident in my, not too far distant past!!!!! xD


I was cuddling a little boy who seemed unusually unhappy, we were just talking about what he might like to do when he casually opened his mouth and - YES!! - vomited all over me!


Staff scattered, Manager came through, took one look at me and rushed off to be sick herself - :( . Eventually someone removed child so I could totter off to try to clean myself up - I don't normally carry changes of clothing around, and anyway what I needed was a shower! It got every bit of me, except my hair and face. It burns, you know after a while? I had to borrow a uniform T shirt (Day Nursery), but had to sponge off trousers, and endure the smell (and discomfort) for the rest of the day. Heaven knows what my fellow bus passengers must have made of my fragrant presence that evening.


Oh, It's a good article, too!


Sue :o

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Well I suppose you could mark off on your forms that 'Little Freddy shows interest in his surroundings' or that 'Rosie has investigated textures'.

A child at a nursery last week was sick and before anyone could do anything a little girl stamped in it! :o


Lovely artical xD:D

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