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Guest sn0wdr0p

Good luck with this. I have tried to get bank staff but it is nigh on impossible. I have tried agencies but they are far far too expensive. Luckily my husband or eldest son (level 2 playworker but works for my husbands construction company) help in an emergency. I don't know how I would manage otherwise.

Not local to you though but I think it is a problem many of us have. Hopefully someone from your area will pick up on this thread soon and help out.

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we shared staff with another setting... i worked in both which made it easier to co ordinate... we had to have crb for both as well as a copy od employment records in both so they had copies of any references, we were on pay role of one and when working in the second setting the one we were paid by would raise an invoice to the other one... this saved having 2 wages and the tax etc issues it causes having what would be 2 jobs.. We worked out suitable rate of pay for supply/ bank work. less than an agency but a bit more for the short notice.

worked well for us , need someone to co ordinate it and have all the staff details etc.. who was willing to work the 2. for some, like me , it allowed me to work full time in a week and gave the extra hours that one setting could not provide.. many staff liked the occasional extra money.

All changed when one setting had a new committee who decided they were not happy paying more for the emergency cover... we had no issues with cover but they always needed it so that could have been why.. I do know they eventually paid more as they ended up getting agency cover..

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