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how many staff per baby in the baby room and what experience do they h

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Hi there, I'm currently studying foundation degree and have a lot of young nursery worker staff doing the course with me, whom seem very stressed with what goes on in their settings baby room. I know the ratio says 1:3 but this surely isn't applied to those under 15months ? ie not walking. Interested to know how you manage this in your nurseries and surely the most experienced staff are required with the youngest ?

im a childminder by the way ! :) thanks

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Hali makes an excellent point and one we've discussed a lot over the years. We monitor our intake and restrict the amount of littlies that we have at any one time so always have a range of children up to 2 - or occasionally not many children full stop if the potential newbies are all little ones/immobile.

Probably not great business sense but keeps the well being up and I guess therefore the reputation so we've not suffered


Well (tongue firmly in cheek) you could always ask the wonderful Ms Truss how to juggle 3 babies at once as she seems so sure that with more qualifications we could all manage much more!!

Wonder she is trialling making genetically modified staff with more eyes and arms and superpowers!

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  • Under one and one-year-olds - 1:3
  • Two-year-olds - 1:4

really cant believe that they think this is okay - its bad enough trying to look after 1:2 - how the hell do they think this is safe, quality care ? shouldn't someone be petitioning this ? Im an experienced mother and childminder - its unfair to put that amount of pressure and responsibility on an inexperienced youngest. Crazy.

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