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natural weaving.....what can I use?

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I am trying to introduce more natural resource activities...I was digging around in the shed at our preschool and found some shaped frames with strings, for weaving ribbons. I would love to try some natural weaving ( i did this some years ago at infants school with my girls)

can I use privet? as far as i can tell Ivy is not usable ( just trawling the lists of harmful plants on google!) trying to think of some nice pliable shrubs that are safe for the children....I might have to leave it till later on in the year as I would like to add stems of rosemary and lavender and other herbs....any advice will be appreciated, many thanks.

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Dogwood is good and flexible , lovely red stems , shrubs should be cut in March so ask or look round neighbours gardens and ask for them when cut , or March , April is ideal for weaving willow stems and planting willows structures.

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