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Olivers Vegetables literacy plan

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I teach in Reception one day a week and normally I do a read write inc lesson based on what they've been doing, recapping etc. I've found out today they've changed this around this week so i'll need to do something different, which is fine but I'm being observed so I'm feeling a bit out of my comfort zone, The teacher has asked me to do something based on the book of Oliver's vegetables. I'm thinking the tops can work with me and we'll do group writing to make a big book of the story. Not sure about the other 3 groups which range from not hearing initial sounds to cvc'ing, I have a TA... sequencing pictures of the story is one idea but if anyone has any other amazing ideas I'd really appreciate it - thank you!!

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How about having a box of strange vegetables and getting them to think about how they would fit into the story? Or making vegetables with the play dough, printing with them, creating containers to transport them gently, you could differentiate by initial sounds group trying to list the veg, cvc labelling their print pictures- or they could arrange the veg and take photos of them in artistic arrangements? Then label them...

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