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Elizabeth Truss is writing to all childminders


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Found this on Department of Education Facebook page..

"We’re pulling together plans, some new, some already established, to help childminders. We’re aware of the vital role they play in enabling parents to work by offering a safe, home-based and affordable environment for young children. In some places, there’s a shortage of childminders so we’re making it easier for childminders to access funding. We want more schools to open longer and work with childminders, charities and independent childcare providers to give parents more choice and flexibility. If you’re a childminder, have you approached your local school to see if you can work together?

We’re also increasing funding for childcare from £2,365bn in 2012-13 to £2,510bn in 2014-15. This is in addition to the £2bn plus given by Government to local authorities to spend on funded early education for three- and four-year olds.

Elizabeth Truss is writing to all childminders over the next few weeks:




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