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Ofsted launches consultation on the childminder agency inspection fram


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Today Ofsted has launched its consultation on the childminder agency inspection framework. The consultation will run for 8 weeks and will close on 21 March 2014.


The consultation can be found at




You will find more information about the proposals at the following websites.




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Havent had a chance to properly read, but headline news this morning from CYP suggests that Child minders with agencies will not be required to register with Ofsted, only the agency needs to register. Apparently most CMA's are actually being run by local authorities.Given that only the agency rather than the individual CM's will be insoected by Ofsted, doesn't this go against Ms Truss's view that only Ofsted should be the judge of provision, rather than LA's? Seems to me that the whole CMA buiness is just a way for Ofsted to reduce their costs.

I can not see how this all leads to anything other than a 2 tier system.

Ducks and runs for cover.

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You are right - it is the Governments way of reducing costs for themselves. When Childminding agencies are in situ they do not have to put money aside for Local Authorities in respect of Childminders - Briefing Meetings, Introduction courses, Training etc.,

They are following the Dutch model which has failed miserably.

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