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One of my staff is expecting twins in March and is starting maternity leave in February. As the twins will be her third and fourth children, she may not return to work. Does anyone know when she needs to tell me that she is definitely not coming back? Does she just give a month's notice before the end of her maternity leave? From my point of view, the earlier I know, the better, but I'm not sure what the law says and haven't been able to find out online.

Thanks everyone.

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Actually I THINK (but don't quote me) that notice periods remain the same whilst on maternity leave, so I would guess that If your contract says 4 weeks notice, then they could just give you that. I am sure an expert will be along soon to answer more accurately.

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You can't ask her either :( Frustrating I know but having not long been back off mat leave myself I knew what my committee could and could not do.


However you can advertise for mat cover leave and them nearer the time offer them a permant position if they are any good and she doesn't return x

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