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Hello there everyone


I am just wondering of anyone out there has some good Non fiction books that they are fans of? I always seem to have an abundance of fction books but sometimes struggle for Non fiction.... think i may put a request in to the Lit co-or if i can get some good titles.


Thanks Sarah

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We have one called Patterns. Every page has pictures of patterned things, red and black squares on a draughts board, (now, the minds gone blank - can't remember any more pictures! :o ) but I do remember in the centre pages there is a beautiful cobweb with dewdrops on it and a spider in the centre, very popular with the children.


Sue J

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I've got one that is aerial photographs of the Midlands, Matalan £3.99. The Works sometimes have non fiction big books, but I must admit to not seeing many around abouts. Amazon have a few I think, and yesterday in Birmingham at the Wildlife exhibition in Centenary square there was a lovely big book of animals and nature, £30. though. They also had one of aerial photos of the world. :D

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Marmadukes Maths - Counting - ISBN:0-237-51903-8

(Little books to go with above big book, same title - ISBN: 0-237-51903-8)

What was it like before Electricity ( history book) ISBN: 0-237-51927-5

A Day at Greenhill Farm ISBN 0-7513-7203-X

Houses & Homes ISBN 0-23-51899-67

A River Journey ISBN 0-237-519302-X

Mirror Magic ISBN 0-237-51901-1

Look Out on the Road ISBN 0-237-51900-3

First Cook Book ISBN 0-75253-461-0


I inherited these when I bought the business, I display them all on a seperate book case and the children do access them independently.



ps I am preschool, but all of these would be suitable up to KS1

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