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hi every one


I was wondering if any one could help. Although I am a childminder I'm guessing most paper work that is needed will be the same in all settings.


I'm returning to work after a lovely long maternity leave and wanted to check if I do too much or not enough paper work per day.


I was doing these daily:

*Daily Diaries

*Seperate nappy change record

*cleaning record


*food and fridge temps

*daily risk assessment of environment



I was then also doing:

fire record

first aid check list

Children's development record


Many thanks


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That sounds a lot more than me! I have a planning book which is dated, top of each page are names of children and parents sign them in and out. I have my scribbled plan for the day with evaluation section at bottom. I have a fridge thermometer but would only record if there was a concern. Then I do their learning journals. If a parent wanted a diary of nappy changes, eating and sleeping then I'd do that too but some parents are happy with a verbal note. I have a separate fire practice sheet. I trust myself to do all checks etc and know what needs doing. When I was at nursery we wrote and signed off everything to ensure nothing got missed with the old, oh sorry I thought someone else had done it line. Oh, I also have a written risk assessment of indoor and outdoor space and I record on there any changes.


How are you finding being back? I returned in September, it's lovely, but I still struggle if had a night of broken sleep!

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Thank you Suebear. I use one of the Kay fisher diaries for my planning and a calender so I don kind of cut down on the paper work there.


I'm not finding the return too bad. I found a lovely family who have a little boy the same age and we get on incredibly well. I've made some changes since returning to work such as my fee structure so now I only charge a daily or half day rate in stead of per hour and this has helped admin wise and of course helped money wise.

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Sounds like you are pretty thorough to me. What I would say is you have no need to use actual paper. For example all my customer feedback regarding each child I now do by text to the parent. The same with my billing and receipting. When it came to my OFSTED check I got a rating of "Good" so this approach is perfectly acceptable.

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Oh and just to add that contracts can be done yourself. I tailor each one to each individual customer, I actually find it better than using a pre-drawn PACEY contract. :)

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Adding a belated word of warning about contracts, you need to be careful that your contracts are acceptable to your insurance and legal advice providers. Because I am a member of Pacey and insured by their underwriters, I must use their contracts if I want cover. Other providers may have different requirements.


Cheers, Honey.

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