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Reading books - toddlers & pre-schoolers


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We're having a big push on language this term and we're making reading packs for parents, more to engage interaction then actually reading - so was just wondering if anyone has done this and what types have books you've used? Thank you x

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I have something I call 'The Learning Library' - this consists of a large bag in which there is:

fiction book with CD

non-fiction book

game or floor puzzle - usually something by Orchard Toys

activity sheet - e.g. join the dots

children's comic

a diary - this is an exercise book in which the children can draw a picture or 'write' what they most liked in the pack

(there are sometimes some very good diary entries which we photocopy for the child's learning journey)

Each week the packs are returned and the children choose or are given a new pack to take home. I also add 'challenge' cards to the pack - see attachments.

I'm not sure if this will be very helpful to you, but you could adapt the idea to suit.

Incidentally, I originally used plastic zipped A2 size wallets, but some of the board games/puzzles were too big which caused them to split fairly quickly. I now used Sainsbury's 'bags for life' which work really well.

Good luck!




Learning Library 1.doc

Learning Library 2.doc

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We run a weekly book club.

Each week children can choose from a varied selection of fiction and non-fiction to take home and share. Each child has their own index card to enable us to explore any patterns of children's choices, interests.

Accompanying the book is a sheet for parents and children to fill out and return, these are then placed in their learning journals.

Parents and children really enjoy this activity and most return sheets each week.

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I think sometimes parents don't realise the learning implications from reading a book other than literacy.

There are a great series of FSF articles about using books a focused activities, find them here



Maybe you could steal some of the ideas from them to help explain to parents the added benefits to reading without you having to do all the hard work writing it all :D

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Thank you everyone, we're having the Make it Real training in March about promoting early literacy so am very excited about it all, I have ordered folders for the children and bought some books from the book people - I also have some non fiction books too!

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We take home book bags children choose from a selection and the accompanying toy this goes home for the weekend

Inside the bag is also a hints and tips and why it's important to read together sheet, we also add an evaluation sheet for parents and child to comment on.


Also why not do an open session no longer than 1/2 to 3/4 hour to explain why it is important to talk have conversations and give them rich vocabulary experiences. Make your session informal perhaps have coffee. Use it to also explain your book bags and the reasoning behind them.


Have a ditch the dummy campaign if that is a problem in your setting


If parents see you give rich language experiences and are apart of that it can help in force home what you are trying to achieve

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