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We are a charity run playgroup and considering purchasing the above package. Does anyone use this and if so does it cover all your financial banking/accounting side? Would we still need something like quickbooks/sage or excel to do all our income/expenditure & balance sheets/cash flow/bank rec for charity commission/accountant or would instant nursery manager do everything. The features on their website looks like it doesn't cover the business financial side in as much detail as an accounts package would.

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I received an email from a company called Baby Days offering a 'complete' package - it includes Learning Journeys and as I have just registered with Tapestry I am reluctant to pay out any more but it does appear to offer a bookeeping package as well. May be worth having a look - I am also looking for a system that will do my invoicing etc

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I have used Instant Nursery Manager in the past, back when you could get a limited copy for trial for a small purchase price. It seemed to do everything I wanted it to, but that was a long time ago.

Once the system was set up it did all of the invoices and sending statements and so on with the click of a mouse. I'm not sure if they still do a trial but I'd definitely suggest having a play before you commit!

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Guest sn0wdr0p

I have used this for the last five years but I am now considering another package due to its lack of financial functions. It's great for invoicing etc. but as a private setting that is rapidly growing I need a package that is compatible with SAGE. They are very helpful when you phone so I suggest a call to them to discuss your needs on an individual basis. This is a very cheap system so if it meets your needs why pay more - I am dreading the cost in terms of money and time in changing our software.

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