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Can anyone give any information on online training?

We are finding it harder and harder to book places on LA training courses, even for things like CP and First Aid.

I know that St. John's do First Aid courses but they seem really expensive and we need a cheaper option.

Can you even do first Aid online?

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hi, do you belong to the psla - if so they do provide some online training - think it comes under name of educare.

safeguarding, reflecting, ready for ofsted, safer recruiting are a few that you can do - there isn't an endless list but a choice of about 8 or so.

all your staff can access this training and receive certificates - have a look x

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First aid is probably the one you could not do on line as you need to be seen doing resuscitation on Annie , have done many over he years and all had a practical element or two..


One way for first aid could be to get together with other settings unable to get on the training and arrange it so you share the costs... sometimes it can be cheaper if you arrange a training day for a group in your setting... Have attended one that way that a nursery did... filled places with own staff then rang other settings offering the spare places.. all were filled..

CP I have done it on line with educare when PsLA offered it free a while ago now..

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Guest p0rridge

We have just completed first aid course at our local high school through evening classes. I know it was over a four week period but we all had fun and made a lot of new friends through doing it. Also got parents involved to attend shorter course and introuducing heart start to the community (we are based in a village hall). So all in all covered our needs but got a lot out of it.

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