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Afternoon :rolleyes:

We are doing lots of fundraising this term to raise enough money to buy new ICT equipment. We have very limited resources at present due to outdated software and laptops getting damaged :(

My girls have noticed that when children are using the laptop we currently have that they are struggling with mouse control and are in fact trying to use the laptop like a touch screen. (I guess that's the world we live in these days!) I am beginning to think that a new desktop or laptop may be outdated for the children now.

However, we don't have any internet access either so my question is, does anyone have some suggestions of where to look for ICT equipment with pre-loaded software or any other suggestions. We have been making use of electrical toys and old telephones etc in our home corner but I really want to enhance the opportunities for children as they are quite limited at the moment



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I was going to suggest a tablet too......

touch screen, preloadable games................ no need for the internet at the setting if someone puts the games on where there is access.

Alternatively think about a more child friendly small mouse.

I still think they are going to need a combination of skills where ICT is concerned, not everyone will have tablets or touch screens so mouse skills may continue to be important for a time yet!!

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what do the schools use that these children will go to? if they are still using a mouse then i would be encouraging this otherwise use touch screen tablets. Remember ICT is not just computers...remote control cars/play equipment /non working phones,laptops etc

If you have a access to a phone system you can use a dongle (sp??) to connect to the internet. I have begun to change my attitude to ict recently and i am trying to avoid using them for 'games'....apart from the fact that all my children seem to do this very well at home( :angry: ) i am keen for them to expand their knowledge by using them as a reference tool/recording tool /creative tool etc which fits (imo) into the eyfs much better and teaches them a new skill ;) ...have a look at 'i'm a teacher get me outside here' blog...she has some lovely ideas for ict use.

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Thanks for all your replies and suggestions. We do have an internet dongle that we use for short periods of time as it drains so quickly incurring additional expense for the pre-school.

I was thinking a tablet would be the way to go although I forgot that most apps don't require internet access once downloaded-food for thought!

I believe that all the schools are still using desktops but have the use of laptop "trolleys" in the classrooms away from their ICT suites.

I totally agree about not using ICT for just games. I would like to get some reference apps for the children to understand how ICT can be used to retrieve information

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