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Hi -

Thanks to Peggy for the idea - this forum is just to make the topics and activities discussions for Christmas easier to locate, bringing them all together.


And, thinking ahead, to make them easier to locate next autumn as well! :D


And no I'm not going to complain about finding Christmas decorations and Christmas puddings already in Tesco. This wouldn't be the right place...

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ahhhh, christmas.


ive how asked my staff to begin thinking of ideas for our christmas play. we do this on stage in front of parents and all 170 children from the primary school, teachers and other school staff.


one staff suggested something simple as we have a lot of 2 year olds, but people are used to my over the top perfomances!! including the staff.


anyone got any new ideas apart from nativity and lots of new songs would be great to.


merry christmas!! haha

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Don't know how to link to other threads but on Christmas Songs I posted a link to my website that has a link to my Christmas songbook.


Oh and the script for The Badtempered Innkeeper play I wrote from a Nicholas Allen book... not sure where I posted that - I think on T'was teh Night Before Christmas.

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