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Another 'which age and stage' query. I have a few children who like to choose the magnifying glasses outside to look at the plants and mini-beasts in the outdoor area. As yet they are not commenting on what they can see without adult interaction but just love exploring and are showing lots of interest in their environment, Where would you put this? Don't know about others but I find UW the hardest area to 'place' evidence!


Green Hippo x

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I agree with the age band, but how we know if they 'notice detailed features' if they don't talk about them,

which is the next stage?

If they don't talk about them but you can see them looking closely, i.e. not just running around holding magnifying glass but bending down, getting closer, staying more than a couple of seconds I would suggest that they are noticing features beyond the basic.


Just my take on it though, I love these kinds of questions because it is always good to hear others' interpretations of these things, it helps me modify and develop my own interpretation!




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I struggle with the "understands" and "is aware of". How do we know before they talk? What about those who don't want to talk? For the two-year-olds, we create the prerequisites for understanding and awareness - inspiring environments and opportunities, which are not overstimulating so children can be attentive. Then observe and model exploration and interest by being curious ourselves and talk about what we discover.

Relevant CoEL, in our wording, is:

* Engages with the environment, involving themselves fully in their experiences

The wording we use for the statements for this aspect of UW are:

* Explores places, objects, materials and living things

* Talks about features of what they have observed

* Shows interest in why things happen and how things work

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