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What emotional support can be accessed for children?


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Our LEA is shockingly poor at offering services linked to Ed psychs, councillors etc.


I need to access some sort of emotional support for a child in my class. I've been told he's not 'bad enough' to access any support through the LEA which is incredibly sad as apparently regular behaviour such as: pushing another child to the ground and stamping on him isn't 'bad enough' to get help.


Are there charities Or national places I can go to for support? Or any other suggestions?!


Thanks so much for any help you can offer.

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Thank you for your advice. I've googled as suggested but the only services my LEA offers are aimed at teenagers.

I'll ring them in the morning and see what they offer for young children.

If they say nothing, is there anywhere else I can try?

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Our local Children's Centre offer support for families if you feel it is a problem which might benefit from a whole family support approach. Even if they can't offer the right support they are often able to signpost to other services.

Good luck,



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I've found this website useful http://www.understandingchildhood.net/ and as Melcarfish suggested, contact your local Children's Centre to find out what they can offer. Sometimes they have drop in sessions with someone from CAMHS that you can access.


Some CAMHS departments have a first point of contact service you can phone for advice, without giving any personal details about a child which I used to find really useful. Sometimes they knew about a local service to access or at least reassured me I was doing the right thing!


I know it's a pain but have you got any written evidence which shows the frequency and extent of the behaviour causing concern?I've found ABC sheets helpful in the past, presenting 35 sheets to the SENCO for half a day had the desired impact!


Young Minds also has some useful information:



Do parent/s share your concerns?

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