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Switching between All Children and Key Children

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I'm sure we've seen this somewhere, but can't remember where, but is it possible to switch between viewing / observing all the children in our setting (90) or just our key children?

I know how to do this on the website, but sometimes in the class, it would be nice to quickly switch to my key children without having to scroll through all 90 of the names.


Does any one know if this is possible, and if so, how?!





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Hi I have a similar query, and think it is the same as the one above. As a manager I can filter the children to see just my key children when accessing Tapestry from the website but when I am in the mobile app I see all of the year group. Is there anyway of just seeing my key children in the mobile app with out resorting to globally changing the setting to restrict all staff to see just their key children?


Hope someone can help.

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I'm afraid it's not currently possible to switch between viewing all children and just key children on the app; That change can only be made via the browser.

We may introduce this function to the app at some point in the future but unfortunately I am unable to give you a time frame for it. Sorry about that!

Best wishes,


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I'm just evaluating how we'll use Tapestry in our setting. As a Children's Centre we'll often have over 200 children registered with us. Ideally, we need practitioners to be able to see just the children in their day care room rather than all 200+ when using the app to write an observation. Is there any more news on this yet, please?





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Hi Simon,

You can set Tapestry for staff to only view their key children when using the browser and the app- that's not a problem. They just won't be able to switch from all children to key children (or vice versa) using the app- you can only switch between the two views using the browser at the moment. So that shouldn't prevent you from doing what you need to do :1b

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Can this issue please be treated as a priority? not being able to filter pupils in the app is having a negative effect on the usability of Tapestry and increasing my workload due to all the workarounds I'm having to put in place to make it as easy as possible for our Staff.


For normal staff I've gotten around this by setting all children in each room as key children for all staff in the room however managers are still getting a list of all children - we've had to make all of our room leaders managers so that they can check and approve obs.


I'm about to create separate manager accounts so that their existing accounts can be normal accounts, yet another workaround, We really want all of our staff to be able to filter down to a class or their own key children on both app and browser, surely this isn't that difficult to implement?


James Smith

Network Manager

Bickley Park School

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Hi James,

As Rebecca says it is definitely nearing the top of our 'to do' list- but you're probably aware we have made significant changes to Tapestry recently and have just launched the updated version. We will get to this as soon as we possibly can. :1b

In the meantime, you might want to consider migrating to the updated version (you can choose a date for this in your Tapestry account). The updated version has responsive design so it's a much better experience using the browser on a tablet now. In your example, your managers can log in via a browser and filter obs per staff member and 'not in journal' so that they can then approve them. They don't need the app!

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