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Hi presuming you have the care plan in place already, epipen training and named persons to administer, we also had to inform our insurance company for extended cover. We then listed the possible risks at our setting.

These included:

Lunch clubs and ingredients others may bring into the setting.( informed all parents that no nut products were to be included).

Spoke to all the children about not sharing their own lunches with others, probably one of the only times we don't want children to learn to share.

Our playdough ingredients.

Checked hand wash ingredients too.

We check vigorously daily for any nuts ( we are in a village hall used by lots of people in the community). As well as outside areas.

All our snack ingredients.

Any cooking ingredients we use.

We also discussed with parents that when we have parties that mum would provide suitable foods ( our child has egg allergy too) and preschool would pay costs etc.

Then we would have discussed with the parent of any other concerns they may have.

Hope this helps.

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