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Setting up an OOSC within school premises


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I run the village Pre-School and have been approached by the local school to run a new OOSC -

school has had a new hall built and now have room to house the provision. I am unsure as to whether I want/need the extra work. I have no OOSC knowledge so the whole scenario is a scary one. I have read other threads on the site and there seems to be mixed feelings as to whether

an OOSC is viable - the school is only small - taking children from reception to year 5. I don't know

whether to set it up as my own business, integrate with the preschool (if committee agree) or try and

set up so it is run by the school?


Any advice would be gratefully received.

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Is there time to send out a questionnaire before making a decision?


See if parents want it or would use it?

Will they change from what they currently use?


How about checking out prices others charge?

Can you under cut and remain viable?

I suppose if school will let you use the new area and you don't run it for them then they will probably levy a charge for the use, the electricity etc so all of this needs to be weighed up!!


Sorry I'm not helping am I??!!

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I opened a breakfast and afterschool club at my nursery provision three weeks ago. You may have seen some of my previous posts from a few months ago asking advice. Well we are now open!

Like you I was not sure that I had the knowledge to care for older children and there have been some challenges along the way.

However the children who are coming along are enjoying the club I take reception to year 6 and they are forming family groupings. This morning a year 6 child sat with a year 2 helping them with their spellings! This afternoon a year 5 child was helping prepare the tea for the club.


I am really happy to talk through my experience from initial request to open to actually opening the doors if you want too. You would not believe the obstacles thrown in the way!


Is it viable? well that is a difficult question, I think at the moment I am breaking even, but every day I am getting phone calls from parents who may want to use my service so in the long term I think it is.


Should also mention that Ofsted turned up in the first week!


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