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Tracking Progress of the setting


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Hi all


Ok am now on a mission now I have finished Degree and EYP in July, I can concerntrate on things that need doing at my setting.


Have a system in place to monitor progress of the individual child but am looking for a simple..ish! was to track the setting as a whole. Have looked at prams but it might just be me but feel that staff would be duplicating what they already do in learning journeys of each child. I would like to make things easier not harder.


Does anyone know of any other way or is willing to share how you do it as have overloaded myself with info and am now totally confused. Thanks in advance

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Am looking to track progress as a whole setting. looking at overall progress in each area of learning, girls v's boys etc, something that would then highlight areas for the setting to work on should overall levels be low.


Have heard different settings talking about it but many seem to use prams, and as we already have a good assessment system in place do not want to give the girls lots more work to do.

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