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Food display - any ideas?


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My head has asked me to put together a food display in the serving area of our dining hall (i.e. my classroom!). I'd thought of a fairly simple display of fruit and vegetables as I'd like to get it up quickly at the start of the year. However, I'd like to do something different from painting them - maybe something 3D? I'm stuck for ideas though. It needs to be fairly durable as it won't get changed often - in a tricky place above the sink.

Has anyone got any ideas or directions they can point me to find some?

Thank you.

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Hi Helen,


you might like to involve parents in this display whilst enjoying many other cross curricular benefits. Have you thought about inviting children to bring in packaging from foods that they like to eat lots of or less of (environmental print) at home to raise awareness of what our bodies need. Perhaps if there is space underneath the display board you could set up a sorting activity to create an interactive element to the display too. You could add various fiction and non fiction books here too e.g Oliver's Vegetables. Do you cook in your class as a weekly activity? I have found the children really engage with this as it is a good link to home via a familiar medium and encompasses maths, science, literacy through a meaningful activity. If so perhaps photos of children 'in action' and speech bubble of children's comments as they notice changes in the ingredients would be something that could be changed to ensure the display remains alive and interesting. Recipes could be available for other children and parents to try at home.


Good luck, enjoy creating it.



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Guest sn0wdr0p

The children make food out of salt dough which they then paint with acrylic paint and we use it in our play kitchen.


Ikea do a book about a vegetable patch and have soft toy vegetable characters from the book for play for sale.


We use paper plates for the children to create their own healthy food plate with pictures cut from the free magazines you get from the supermarkets.


How about a collage of different pasta to make up a larger picture of a vegetable. There are some lovely coloured pasta for sale or colour your own.

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Thank you again for all the ideas. I thought I'd let you see what we did in the end. My nephew sent a card with a duck made from a handprint and it inspired me. We used prints of different parts of hands (thumb, fingers, side and whole hand) plus footprints to make all the different prints of fruit and vegetables. Here it is!





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