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The children in my setting bring packed lunches which we store in two fridges. Is this necessary? I cannot find information anywhere. Space is in short supply ( normal, I hear you all say). So being able to remove at least one fridge would be great. Primary schools do not store lunch boxes in fridges so I was wondering why we do. We would of course explain to parent/carers the need to not use quick to perish things such as ham in lunches and to include an ice pack. Thoughts and/or where to find the legal stuff would be very welcome. It is not in EYFS!

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no legal requirement other than to store in a suitable way . previous discussion





we didn't use a fridge.. had a huge cool bag and they went in there.. with a bottle of water, or ice packs as a precaution.. all parents had to put an ice pack in the boxes, we had a note to put in if there was not one there... we also had mini icepacks for sale at cost ( I bought some from supermarket to keep in) as many would say they cannot get them.. so I could then offer them so no excuse about not finding them! We then put the bag in the coolest spot .. ours was a cupbard until lunch time.. but could be any shady location.

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Perishable things such as ham, cheese, egg etc will be fine with an ice pack in the lunch box.

Alternatively you can take fresh stuff like sandwiches, yogurt out of the lunch box, write the child's name on it and put it in the fridge. Takes time though.

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