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Getting Technology into 2-3room


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I was wondering if you have any advice on getting ICT into our 2-3room on a small budget.


I have previously heard of a place where you can bid on computers, however, I cant find this site to bid on, if any of you know of it please can you help me find it. We are hoping to get a little tikes computer, which a near by school mentioned it only cost then £1 to bid on, because at the moment we have very little technology which are 3 key boards and not working cameras/phone. at all in our room, and as it is a big part of the EYFS. We are willing to put our own money in as the staff in our room feel passionate about including it.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Thank you x

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Thats an interesting site Lashes, thanks I'll have a browse around later :1b


Remember though technology doesnt have to be computers and electroncs, it can 'junk' modelling, pushing and pulling systems, cooking, anything where scientific knowledge can be learnt and built on.

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I dont think we are of charitable status, its a birmingham city nursery based in a deprived area.


Ill have a look over the site and see tho thank you.


And thank you Rea, I might have to look at other ways on incluing technology, I didnt know they counted towards technology :)



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We have just be given 4 laptops for free from the Council Offices which are reconditioned ones which they are throwing away (helps their carbon footprint and helps us :) ) However these have gone mainly into our preschool room. In our 2-3 room we have toys with buttons and levers, a music keyboard, a tough cam, a Dora the explorer laptop and various other noisy things to cover our ICT, also a box of non working office equipment. I personallymade the conscious decision not to put the laptops into the 2-3y room as I felt they just dont meet the needs of our children at that age.

ICt for that age really doesnt need to be expensive. Hope this helps


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