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I am in the process of writing new job descriptions for our staff and I was wondering if anyone would have some insight into where I might find some good templates based on the staff titles.


I am new Chair (2 months) and previous 2 years of committee have been a bit off and therefore the staff have no/cant find any job descriptions


We have the following;

Joint supervisor-curriculum leader

Joint Supervisor - safety and welfare leader

NVQ level 3 assistant


any suggestions are very welcome


Many thanks


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Hi Reneep, welcome to a fellow chair :D

If you're members of the PLA they do a management pack that has templates for that kind of thing. You might find something in the resource library too.

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I came across a setting where the manager asked the staff to write their own job descriptions- I thought this was an excellent way for them to evaluate the work they each did. It would be a great basis for you to start from, and you can add more/change bits through discussion with each member of staff. :1b

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