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Hello everyone


I am very new to pre-school and need guidance and advise from the proffesionals. I will be teaching a very small nursery based class. I presently don;t have any pre-school plans or resources, basically I am starting from scratch.

Can anyone suggested any good maths and literacy(phonic) planning/resources I can start from. Your help would be much appreciated as I seem to be going around in circles. x




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Hello blackcat - loads of super-duper maths resources readily available from suppliers...........some of the many that I have:


Books - always a wonderful place to start! :1b

Some lovely squidy sparkly numbers - think I got mine with supermarket vouchers.....


Counters + other plastic shapes.....

Shape stencils

Peg boards - lots of :1b

Tap-Tap Art - a firm favourite with my 'bunch'! :D

Lots of 'homemade' resources - e.g. I made some teddy bears with numbers on (card then laminated) - my children attach the appropriate number of clothes pegs to these......


Lots and lots more - but hopefully that has given you a few starter ideas! :1b

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