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Just wondered how other settings raise concerns about SEN?

I am in a school nursery and we speak to the SENCo and give her copies of IEPs but always feel we should be doing more.

Personally, as a parent of children with SEN I feel it's vital to get it right early on, but with Nursery to Y6 to cover, we're not always top of the list. Also as our lunch doesn't coincide with the rest of the staff we get less opportunity to off load our concerns!!

I wondered if anyone else writes down concerns? At least that way there is evidence that you have ( and we are!!) doing our best!

Any suggestions most welcome!

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Hi as we are a Pre-school we have a Senco or it could be Sendco within the setting, but we also have an area Senco too that we liaise with.

Great for sounding off any queries, concerns etc. Not sure how yours works, but I'm sure someone will be along soon to help.:)

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