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What A Shock I Got


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I went into playgroup today with the post, Oh bless me, the place looked awful, all the things I'd tried to do over the last few years had gone. No colour, exciting activities, adult interaction. New playleader complained to me that the DW hadnt liked what she's done. Oh I wonder why? It was so depressing, I knew I'd never really got the staff with me, guessed that sometimes I wasnt getting my ideas across properly and that some of the responses were lip services, but this was so uninspiring. It was drab and children were wandering around, flitting. The boards I'd let the children decorate with hand prints/foot prints and art work were out of reach and not doing anything. There were no posters, pictures, displays, print on show. Why cant people see good practice or read about good practice and implement it. Why go backwards? There was no physical play, there isnt an outdoor area so I used to always have physical out at one end of the room, but the bikes were hidden by the display boards. I know they would of been used at a later time during the session but why make them wait? There are so many great resources to be had it's a crime to ignore it all. I've come home ready to retrain with older children just so that I dont need to go back there. Sorry for the rant, I was so depressed when I saw it. And it's a shame because I know that at least 2 of the staff are really good thinkers and doers, I dont know whats happened. I've even retraced my steps over the last few years to check I didnt in any way indicate that this was right. And I didnt, I have always loved the idea of children doing their own thing with adults who provide fun and ideas to help them have fun while learning. I've tried to make the room interesting, stimulating and colourful with displays that will provoke questions and make the children think about the answers. I actively searched out posters and print that would provide another way of looking at things. I know everyone has their own way of doing things and I supported the leader in some of her ideas before I left, I wouldnt expect a carbon copy of how I worked, but this is not a place I would take my child, it doesnt feel 'right'. At least now I know why nobody wanted my stack of Practical Pre-school resources.

I must stop now, it's none of my business now, but I think I'm quite angry.

And if you've managed to get to the end of this, you deserve to pour yourself a drink. :o

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Oh Rea, how depressing. xD I'm afraid that it's a sad fact that not everyone takes their work as seriously as we do (and know that that means that children should have fun!) When you have put such a lot of hard work to get to a stage where you are proud of what you have done and then see it all wiped out in one quick sweep, it must be terrible. :o And what a shame for the children too. I really feel for you - I can imagine how I would feel if that happened to me too.

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Guest alisonjayne

Oh Rea sorry to hear your story ( I did get to the end of it!!!) Yu made the decision which was the right one for you at the time. As Sue says don't regret it.

Try to keep smiling maybe the thinkers you talked about will begin to notice that the children are not participating in the way they did before and remember things they had done with you there.


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I think I'm  quite angry. :o


Think you're angry? Of course you're angry, and rightly so. You obviously put a lot of hard work into the group, and its heartbreaking to see what has happened now.


To mis-quote the old adage: you can lead a practitioner to knowledge, but you can't make them think.


An inspirational practitioner like yourself sows seeds wherever she works. Sometimes the seedlings grow and thrive, sometimes they are neglected and wither away.


You did your best, and by the sound of it you achieved a lot. Now they just don't have the leader they need, which is incredibly sad.


But don't for one minute suppose that its because you didn't get your ideas across properly, or that somehow you failed. That's the thing about vision. Not everyone can see as clearly as you are.


The trick is to go on seeing, and go on caring about improving what you see.



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Dear Rea,

What can I say when you have expended so much time and energy - but things do change and sometimes not for the better - but one hopes that at some stage people will vote with their feet and when things are perhaps not going as they think they should they might start asking questions and reflecting on their practice. If the children are flitting without any purpose as you say this can be demoralising for the more experienced staff. As you have said this is not a place where you would want to send your child, so you can bet that others might be thinking the same. Sometimes some people who unfortunately appear to be working in pre schools as has been shown on this site do not have the necessary experience or knowledge to engage children.

So chin up - you enjoyed your time with the children in you care and I am sure they enjoyed their time with you.


Just got to break cat has brought in a live mouse and has just lost it - I am now standing on the kitchen tryiing to see where it has hid. Oh the joys and the world goes on - well maybe not for the mouse!!

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Thank you all. :) I did feel better after I'd written it all down. It was really disappointing but maybe they have a plan that wasnt evident on my visit.

What I really need is a couple of hundred thousand pounds to have my own place. xD I'll employ everyone on here and a jolly time will be had by all. :D

Thanks again


Hope that mouse has been caught Nicola, cats are the best arent they?? :o

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No I am still sitting here wondering where the hell it has gone - I am now sitting on my chair with my feet up, just in case it does a runner. Cat has lost interest and gone to sleep on my washing and I am now afraid to get up and make a coffee.

I am glad you feel better - I also find it really useful to put things down on paper - when you win that lottery let me know - we can all run our own children's centres, make up our own rules and spend hours chatting about the pleasures of working with children (most of the time anyway - see new boy in nursery)


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