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multicultural display

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One of my staff has suggested doing a multicultural display. She was suggesting something along the lines of a simple map of the world and then pins in the countries that our children are from and their photos perhaps. Would this be a good idea? I don't know how it would work with children who were perhaps born in Britain but their family originates from another country. And also it wouldn't be possible to have all the British children on their too.

Any thoughts?

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We have just made a similar display. We backed a big display board with some batik fabric (found it online). We then got some of our after school children to paint a map of the world - just blue sea and green land. We have put a smiley photo of all the children in the nursery, after school and holiday clubs, plus staff on the board and a sign saying 'We all smile in the same language'. We are based in rural East Anglia with very few families from different backgrounds so we added some photos of children from different backgrounds and abilities to show some diversity.

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I think having it as a board which celebrates your school's links with the rest of the world and therefore other cultures would be more suitable. It would also leave you with more scope to include holidays, pen friends etc.

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I was going to suggest places they had been on holiday to as well.


You could link to places you have covered in other activities so if you read Handas Surprise you could link a picture of the storybook to a country.


If you do a topic on the north and south pole or Artic/Antarctic animals you could add these.


If you celebrate a festival you could link to the country it originates from.


If you do some cooking activity you could link to an ingredient etc


There is no reason why you can't create it at the beginning of term and just keep adding things as they crop up :D

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