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Recent Ofsted...recommendation to gather more information about the ch


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Following a recent Ofsted inspection, in addition to basic registration/personal contact details and medical info, we were advised to gather more information about the child.


We currently gather on a separate sheet from our welcome pack the following info:


"All about me" What the child likes to play....what they don't like....favourite snack...special comforter....my best friend.....


The Ofsted inspector suggests we should be gathering more details....for example:-


Nature of child....i.e shy, confident...etc

Words spoken....

Fave books....


I wondered what other people are using right now...and if anybody has a format that may help in designing a new sheet/booklet to gather information on new children attending the setting!


Thank you in advance :))

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we have a sheet with all 7 areas of learning on it and ask the parents to tell me about their child - his likes/dislikes etc and just put it where i think is relevant.

there is also a section for parents to tell us about any concerns they may have prior to starting.

We just had ofsted and they were satisfied with it

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Thank you guys :) Have adapted Cait's to suit our needs!! So thank you!


Yes satisfied, but always plenty of room for improvement :))


Currently in the process of taking over the setting - so have sooo many ideas!!


Sure I will be back!

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