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I work in the preschool room in a nursery along with 2 other girls. I'm 33 and the EYP for the setting. One other is 26 and has foundation degree and the other is 18 and working towards her level 3. I love my job and love trying new ideas and activities with the children. I also like having a routine in place for the day which yes can be flexible but the group of children we have at the moment hugely benefit from having a regular routine in place.


My problem is keeping the other 2 motivated and on track with planning and learning journals etc. day to day they are great with the children but paperwork is not their strong point and i get 'i cant be bothered' or 'i dont know what to do for the planning' when i prompt them to get on with the paperwork.


I have spoken with my manager who is laid back to say the least and it just seems to fall on deaf ears. how can i get them motivated myself as i have a lot going on in my personal life too and dont need the stress of going to work and doing 3 peoples jobs.



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Hi I do think motivation can be contagious. So if you are energetic, dynamic, willing to be down and dirty as it were with the children this can rub off on them.

I have to say I would much rather see my team being truly engaged with the children's learning than any journals, assessment sheets.

That said we know we have to do them too, so it's about getting the balance right.

Can you not plan and complete them together, that's what I presently do with a couple of my staff at the moment. I see my mentoring with them as important as the plans, sheets etc.:)

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I'm not in in the same age group and have no experience of working in that kind of setting but I was going to suggest planning together if possible. It's lonely and hard planning on your own but sometimes just hearing one other person's idea can spark something off in your own head. Also making things a bit silly can help lighten the task sometimes - in my first job we once had a fancy dress planning meeting - sat there after school in grass skirts, flowers in our hair, 'Hawaiian' music playing and whizzed through it in no time!

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