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Hello Everyone


It's been four years since I worked in a nursery as I have been working as a childminder while my son was young. I decided to take the plunge back into a nursery managers role and I have an interview next week!! :1b


The only thing is I have to do a ten minutes presentation entitled 'Maintaining Compliance and Quality in a Day Nursery''. I was feeling quite confident to begin with but this has completely thrown me.


I was think of including thing's such as, regular training and staff meetings, audits, peer on peer observations, including staff in the Sef of the setting. But after that I'm feeling a little stuck. Should I break it down by immediate, medium and long term plans I would have for the setting?


Many thanks

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I would go through the statutory guidance and make sure you cover all the major points there, eg:


* Overarching principles of the EYFS

* Areas of learning/monitoring of provision/assessment

* Safeguarding and welfare/H&S policy review and dissemination to colleagues

* Staff support, recruitment, supervision, appraisals

* Partnerships with parents and other professionals, SEN, EAL, etc


Good luck and let us know how it goes :1b

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Thank you Helen


I think I've got my self so worked up over going for an interview my mind just went blank. I will let you know how it goes. It's on the 13th so I have a bit more time to prep x

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I have a few bits to add before turning it into a presentation but can you see any thing obvious missing? Not sure how I am going to fit it into ten minutes but I guess that's not a bad thing if I go over


Maintaining Compliance and Quality in a Day Nursery

Learning and Development

Look at maintaining good practice in tracking children’s development from their starting point. How their development is then monitored and the assessment that follows.

Observe the staff’s practice and look at how they work with the Overarching principles to support children’s development.- which will then be worked into worked into sef as well as highlighting areas for improvement.

Observe how the staff work and discuss/explore theoretical approaches which may work in the play space.


Offer staff support through staff meetings and one on one’s regularly

Carry out regular supervisions and appraisal to help staff’s professional development

Include staff in the development and refreshment of writing the SEF


Develop a partnership with parents when joining the nursery and sense you available as nice as possible.

Develop a parent liason grp if not already in place

Arrange meetings with staff, SEN and EAL etc to discuss any current IEP’s.

The safeguarding and welfare:

Regular reviews on policies and dissemination to colleages

Keep staff training up to date both in house and using courses by the local council

Work with staff to find way to involve the children in the nurseries safeguarding and their welfare

Observe how staff implement the P&P’s.

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