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I'm a pack away setting in a church hall with no internet! I'd love to switch to an online assessment programme so thought i'd get some advice/suggestions as to what others have done. Which online system would you receommend, how/when do staff have time to update, how often and can managers check what will go online before it is uploaded? I'm sure i'll have loads more questions to follow!!

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can i suggest you go to the Tapestry area of the forum and have a look through there...


Tapestry introduction


It is the FSF online learning journeys.. and many have said how good they are..


​Or alternatively Prams also developed the FSF gurus as a monitoring /progress etc..tool...

(there is also a forum areas for this.. so past discussions may answer your questions.).

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I am not in a setting now so dont use either.. but things tend to get picked up during the week by Sue (who does admin at fsf) if not answered before by other forum members..

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Hello we are in a community centre with no Internet, but have brought a MIFI - this is an amazing little gadget from O2 that allows me to connect 5 devices to it at a time - and have wifi access. its great (it's like a dongle - but I just plug this into the wall).


I paid £70 for the mifi and now it's a pay as you go top up for data. We put on £15 a month and upload photos and obs on it for tapestry and well using Internet with the children.


We use Tapestry in setting - the staff complete obs as they work, it saves photos and post it notes. Honestly it has saved so much time and improved quality immensely. As you will see from tapestry as manager you can set the access so obs aren't posted until a manager approves them.


Hope this helps - any questions please let me know.




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Thank you so much that is really useful. I will look into the MIFI and definitely give tapestry a go as I like that I can check them before they are posted. How do you manage staff typing their obs as they go? We'll only have one laptop until we can save funds for another x

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