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Has anyone teaching in Reception classes had a discussion about the content and possible format of their reports for this year? I have struggled to make mine manageable while reporting on all 17 areas and am trying to make it parent friendly. If it's not informative for the parents then there is not much point. Please send some advice this way!

Also recent moderation training stated that the ELGs are part of the 40-60 band and not a separate band of attainment. Consequently all my class will achieve the ELGs but the summer birthdays will probably be emerging. Does this sound right?

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Welcome to the forum egordon and congrats on making your first post :D


I did a little search which you can do using the search button in the top right hand corner of the screen and found these previous posts re reports.....it is an annual dilemma :P










Some of these threads contain templates shared by other teachers


Hope these help :D

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Hi, I've uploaded this onto the TES website, and several colleagues in other schools are using it too.




If you look at my other resources there is a nursery version too.


Hi Smamfa72


Welcome to the forum and congratulations on making your first post :D


I wonder if you might upload the document here as if you are not a member of the TES site you cannot download the item.


If you are happy to do so just click reply, then click 'More reply options' bottom right hand corner of reply box and then you will see an 'Attach Files' option.


If you have difficulties just email me the document on admin@eyfs.info and I will upload it for you :D

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Hi, here they are on this forum.



They word documents so are editable (however if you type too much the boxes will spread over to the next page - there's the i incentive to keep them short and sweet!) with spaces to check off the 3 e's as well as for adding photo's and a comment for the prime, specific and CoEL areas of learning.


I hope you find them useful.

EYFS Nursery report format.docx

EYFS report format.docx

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