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Outraged by new EYT


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just heard about the new EYT status, starting in september 2013, I have just gained EYPS this spring, and am absolutely gutted that this will now be a second class old qualification after self funding and a lot of hard work. These standards are extremely similar to the 2012 EYPS standards, just re worded! It's almost as if those who gained EYPS in 2012 were the dummy run for this new EYT status. but eyp's will be left with an older less recognised qualification just as more settings were being to understand what EYPS was. I realize they say EYPS will be equlivlent but who can keep up will all these different qualification certainly not employers!, I self funded and now feel totally cheated! surely with the job market being what it is today the government should be making things easier not harder for graduated to become valued early years practitioners.


sorry for the rant but would love to hear what everyone else thinks. :huh:

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I have just received a certificate from the Training Agency to validate my EYP Status, and a different certificate from my training provider.


This says I can be called and Early Years Teacher because I have undertaken EYPS training which was completed in Feb 2013.


It goes onto say;


an Early Years Teacher is a specialist who works with children from birth to five. Some of their key skills are;-


  • Having a deep understanding of child development
  • Using this understanding to lead practice supporting children to develop and learn
  • working in equal partnership with families
  • supporting the staff they work with to develop their own skills
  • Nurturing and supporting the children in their care

The holder will be an asset to any Early Years setting, with children from birth to five, because of the professional training they have received.

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